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Counsellor's Corner: Keep up the learning over the summer!

Just like students, school staff often find the end of the June bittersweet. As much as a break in routine is welcome, it is impossible not to miss the little ones we have spent the majority of our days with for the past 10 months!

Knowing that time off is necessary, families may nonetheless want to incorporate learning into their Summer plans in a few fun ways!

For families looking for ideas of how to do this, here are a few suggestions:

Some ideas for the summer!

Watch movies or TV shows in French. Many streaming services allow you to choose your language. More shows can also be accessed, for free, at: Jeunesse et famille. Télé-Québec

Read at least a few books in English this summer! Strong literacy skills in English will help your child in French as well!

Keep practicing basic addition, subtraction, multiplication or division Math facts!

Social Studies: 
You don’t have to leave the city to experience new and familiar cultures! Edmonton’s Heritage Festival will take place from August 3-5 at Borden Park located beside the Edmonton EXPO Centre! 

Keen observation skills and questioning are the first steps in the scientific method! Discuss what you see and wonder while enjoying a nature walk with your kids!

Physical Education and Wellness:
Get outside and enjoy some summer sports!





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