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Reading Suggestions from the Library

Looking to introduce your kids to easy French novels? Explore these captivating book series tailored for young readers: 

1. *Mon Big, Mini Big, and Micro Big**: A delightful series perfect for emerging French readers.
2. **Journal d'un carlin**: Dive into the amusing diary entries of a mischievous French bulldog, offering humor and charm for young readers.
3. **Maîtres des Dragons**: Embark on thrilling quests with this series centered around mastering the art of dragon training, ideal for adventurous young readers.
4. **Hibou Hebdo**: Join the curious owl reporter, Hibou, as they investigate mysteries and uncovers secrets, providing engaging tales for budding French readers.

These series offer engaging stories in French, providing an excellent transition to easy novels while immersing young readers in captivating adventures and imaginative worlds.

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