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Welcome Back Campbelltown Families!

I hope you have all had a fantastic summer! 

Although there are many new measures and protocols we all have to follow, we are all very excited to see students back in the school!

Many of you have had many questions and concerns about what the details of the re-entry may look like for Campbelltown.  We have created a Campbelltown Re-Entry Plan that hopefully clarifies and helps with several of these questions.  We ask that you check both the division and Campbelltown re-entry plans regularly for updates. 

Here is the link for the Campbelltown Re-Entry Plan

Click here to view the Grade Level Entry Doors 

Your child’s teacher will also be contacting you via phone potentially starting tomorrow but, no later than Friday evening.  Most staff will likely call on Friday, as this is their actual first day back.  They will simply be introducing themselves and giving some other details about the first day back.     

We look forward to seeing you all when you drop off your children. 


Greg Probert

École Campbelltown

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