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Weekly Update Nov. 18-24


Before the break, there was an incident at the Strathcona County building which affected some of our buses that go to the transfer.  We know that incidents like this are scary for parents and students and we want to assure you that the safety of each of our students is our highest priority!  Please take a few minutes to review the procedures in the case of a controlled student release.

We recognize when an emergency occurs parents are worried and want to be reunited with their child as quickly as possible. It’s our intention to make this happen. However, to ensure every child’s safety and the safety of staff, specific procedures have been established for releasing students.


Parents are asked to adhere to the parent-child reunification procedures listed below. Staff will work to ensure these procedures take place without delay. Understand the process will take some time and we ask for your patience when you arrive at the parent-child reunion area.

Parent-Child Reunification Procedures:

  1. A Parent-Child Reunion Area will be established. Parents are notified at the time of the emergency of the reunion area’s location. The location may not be at the school—the location will depend on the specifics of the emergency.  If it is not safe to be at Campbelltown, you will be notified if the students are at Sherwood Heights Junior High or Salisbury Composite High School.
  2. Students will only be released to an individual designated as legal guardian or emergency contact in the student’s official registration information. Make sure to keep this information current with the school, as the school will only release a child to an authorized individual—no exceptions are made.
  3. Valid identification is required to pick up your child. Requiring identification protects students from any unauthorized individuals attempting to pick them up. Even if school personnel know you, you must still present ID as the school may be receiving assistance from other schools or agencies.
  4. You will be required to fill out a Student Release Request Form. The form ensures all students are accounted for at all times and students are only released to authorized individuals. Do not just take your child from the school or evacuation centre without signing for his or her release.
  5. Once you have been reunited with your child, please leave the area immediately. Leaving immediately ensures your safety and that of your child’s.
  6. If you are unable to pick up your child, he or she will be kept at the parent-child reunion area until alternate arrangements can be made. Your child will be supervised at all times.

Please note that during an emergency, we will not have access to school phones or emails so you will not be able to contact us to update parent and emergency contacts.  

For more information about emergency procedures, please consult the division website at

Working with you,
Mme Sauder & Mme Garneau


This week at CBN


  • National Bullying Awareness Week
  • Grade 6 Minecraft club at lunch
  • Grade 6 Volleyball practice at lunch - girls


  • Grade 5 Minecraft club at lunch
  • Grade 6 Volleyball practice at lunch - boys
  • Parent Council Meeting @6:30 PM - Superintendent Liguori will be joining us to talk about French Immersion at Campbelltown


  • Grade 6 Minecraft club at lunch
  • Grade 5 & 6 Options


  • Grade 4 Science Presentation - Light and Optics (APEGA)
  • Grade 5 Minecraft club at lunch
  • Grade 6 Volleyball practice at lunch - boys & girls


  • Wear blue for peace
  • Grade 5 Field Trip to Salto Gymnastics in the AM
  • Grade 6 Minecraft club at lunch
  • Grade 6 Volleyball practice at lunch - boys & girls

Counsellor’s Corner - National Bullying Awareness Week

Throughout the week of Nov. 19-23, Grade 6 student leaders will read and discuss selected stories with the theme of kindness with Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2 and 3 students. Books include “How to fill a bucket”, “Willow finds a way”, “The Sneetches” and “The tease monster”. Teachers will be provided optional activities to do with their classrooms to further the discussion in the books.

Grade 4,5 and 6 teachers will be provided optional short daily activities to create a dialogue with their students about bullying.

The Grade 4 and 6 leadership class will create posters that define bullying to put up around the school.

All classrooms will be provided strips of paper. During the week, students will be encouraged to write or draw a kind act that someone did to them. A chain will be created from these papers that will be displayed in our hallway.

On Friday, to wrap up Bullying Awareness Week, students will be encouraged to wear blue for Peace. During the afternoon, the Students in Grade 4-6 will watch “Wonder” in French and then have conversations afterwards.

A Look Ahead

Report cards will be published on December 6th and will be available online through your Powerschool Parent Portal.

Christmas Concert

  • Thursday, Dec. 6 at Park Church - Grade 1-3 Concert 6:30 to 7:00 (doors open at 6:00 pm)
  • Thursday, Dec. 6 at Park Church - Grade 4-6 Concert 7:30 to 8:10 (doors open at 7:10 pm)
  • Kindergarten Concert - Dec. 18 (B Group) and Dec. 19 (A Group) at 1 pm in the school gym

Christmas Bureau

The Giving Tree: organized by Les Petits Soleils out of school care kids. We would like to decorate Campbelltown’s Christmas tree with NEW items that will be donated to the Strathcona Christmas Bureau. Each grade level will be assigned an item to bring in to school on a specific date. Every year, there is a significant lack of donations for adults and teens, so we are choosing to make donations that will most impact those recipients. The NEW item, grade and donation schedule is as follows:

* Kinder Nov. 22 - socks OR mitts for children and adults

* Grade 1 Nov. 23 - scarves OR toques for children and adults

* Grade 2 Nov.26 – shampoo/conditioner OR razors & shaving cream

* Grade 3 Nov. 27 – deodorant & lotion OR soap & body wash

* Grade 4 Nov. 28 – toothbrushes & floss OR toothpaste & lip balm

* Grade 5 Nov. 29 – books for teens

* Grade 6 Nov. 30 – books for adults

* Staff Dec. 3 – earphones/headphones OR backpacks/bags

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