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Teacher Appreciation 2020-21.....

To the teachers and staff of Campbelltown, 

We have seen the tremendous and tireless effort you have all made this year during the pandemic. The endless hours while trying to quickly pivot to online learning. Navigating drops in student attendance and engagement and fewer opportunities to build a classroom community. Neverending guidance to put on a mask, to wash hands, to keep their simply stay safe. The kindness shown and conversations had with students who were afraid, fed up, or struggling with it all. You have quite honestly reinvented what learning looks like for your students in addition to handling the rising need of support for their families. 

Thank you for your dedication to your students throughtout this turbulent year and greeting each one with a smile every morning. Thank you for creating a daily environment that was consistent and safe. 

Thank you for communicating with familes above and beyond your normal day and working hours.Thank you for your patience, kindness and perseverance. Thank you for being there for our kids. 

We see you. We appreciate you. We salute you for your selflessness.

As a small token of our appreciation we have made a little video. Enjoy! 

Campbelltown Parent Association 

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I want to thank all our parents and students that participated in the video. I know the kind of work and coordination that goes into something like this. I am very appreciative of the staff and parents for their collaborative approach during such a difficult year. I am happy to be a part of the Campbelltown family. :)

Georgette Fortin


Thank you!!!!!! I loved watching the children. They are the true stars of our school.
I had goosebumps watching this video. I also had tears, that is happy tears.
We are so thankful for our students and great parents that supported us this year.
Un gros gros merci!
Georgette Fortin



What a pleasure to watch this sweet compilation! It's touching to see our students' exquisite little faces and joyful smiles. I liked the comment by the young boy who described his learning as "lovely work" - nicely put! The admiration goes both ways. We appreciate the excellent support we had from families all this year and last year. Thank you.

Natalie H-Pathirana


What a beautiful video! Thank you so much for taking the time to put this toghether and to share it! It is very touching and very appreciated at the end of such an odd year!

Merci beaucoup!!

Amy Leblanc


This video was incredible! Thank you to everyone for taking the time to create something so beautiful; we are grateful!

Honya Bianchini


We are so lucky to have such wonderful students! Thank you, Campbelltown families, for your kindness and support. It's a privilege to teach students and watch their hard work result in learning and growth.

Alexandra Gravel


I am so thankful to our families and students for all the amazing gestures of kindness throughout the year! Wishing everyone a wonderful summer!

Mme Deloisy


Thank you soooo much for taking the time to put this video together! It was lovely to listen to all the students' positive comments! I felt incredibly touched! It is a privilege to be teaching your children! This year has been both very challenging and extremely rewarding. We truly appreciate your support and kindness!
Have a wonderful summer!