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September 16 - 20 News

Shucking Corn!

Sept. 17

Meet the Teacher - I must say, how impressed I was with the attendance this evening.  I thoroughly enjoyed meeting several of our parents and families.  It only reaffirms what I have said on a few occasion now, École Campbelltown is definitely a family of learners.

Immediately following meet the teacher, the School Council met in one of the classrooms for our first official meeting of the year.  I am very impressed by the enthusiasm and commitment among this parent group.  I have been in several school environments over the years and I can honestly say I am so impressed with this groups proactive approach to the needs of the students and staff of this community of learners.  I shared dates and activities that are coming in the next few weeks.  I also believe the School Council will be looking at potentially pursuing the addition of another playground.  Stay posted.  Please remember to also keep an eye on the calendar!   


The Athletic (Run) Club had their first EIPS running event.  Our students did an amazing job!  Two of the children, Jared E. ran away with a first place and Elise E. came in fourth place.  Way to go! 

The run club started with about 30 students registered and has quickly increased to about 60 children.  I would like to thank Cheryl Pilipchuk for spearheading and getting things going.  But we can also not forget all the other volunteers and staff for helping out.

This day also saw our first day of Épluchette for our Kinder Kids.  

Sept. 20

Épluchette continued for all students in the school.  This was a great day for all students, staff and parents!  Again, a huge thank-you to the truck load of parents who showed up to help volunteer for this event.  My favorite part was watching the kids shuck their corn and pull out the Popsicle stick which indicated if they were the king or queen in their class.  They virtually squealed with excitement.  I am glad to have seen and been a part of this Francophone tradition.          




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