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Geese in the Courtyard!

Look at the visitor we had in the courtyard during the month of April and May!

We wanted to share some joy with you all! 

In Mid April, we had a mother goose take up residence in a planter in the courtyard.  We were so fortunate to see how momma was doing during all the stages, from incubation all the way to "flying the coop".  The pictures are in order.  You can see her turning the eggs, protecting the new born goslings and out getting them into the puddles.  She even took on trying to incubate a tennis a pink and green tennis ball.  What a joy!  The total incubation to hatching was approximately 32 days.  After hatching, they only stayed in the courtyard for 2 days.  M. Racem tried to get a little too close one day and Papa goose almost took his head off.  Eek!  This is why we are sharing this with you all after they are gone.  Geese are very aggressive but fantastic to view from afar.  :)   


Goose 2

Goose 3

Goose 4

Goose 5

Goose 6

Goose 7

Goose 8

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Ainslie Mitchell


Thank you that was beautiful video.

Susan Sttong





La vie est belle avec le petite moment spécial.
Merci de partager ces photo.