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Dec. 9-15

CBN Weekly Update

Dec. 9 - 15, 2018


The Christmas concert was a huge success!  Such a big event requires lots of thank yous!

  • Thank you to the parent council for paying for the buses and the cost of renting the venue.  We appreciate all of your support! Thank you to everyone who made donations last night to help cover the costs.
  • Thank you to Mme Pickering and Mme Pretzlaff for all of their hard work getting the students ready to perform.
  • Thank you to all of the parents who volunteered during the day, especially Seana A., Joelle W., Cheryl P., & Ashely C...your help throughout the day was invaluable!
  • Thank you to the students for working so hard to put on an such amazing concert!  Thank you also to the students who created beautiful artwork. Board Chair Boymook was very impressed:)
  • Thank you to staff and students from Bev Facey High School for recording the concert for us.
  • Thank you to the entire staff of Ecole Campbelltown for your flexibility and support over the past few weeks as the students prepared for the concert.  We appreciate you giving up the gym for practices and for changing music classes from time to time.
  • Finally, thank you to all of the parents and families who supported us by coming to the concert!

Working with you,
Mme Sauder & Mme Garneau


This week at CBN


  • Grade 6 Minecraft club at lunch
  • Gr. 6 computer club after school


  • Grade 5 Minecraft club at lunch


  • Last round of Grade 5 & 6 Options
  • Nursing students visiting all grade 1 classes to talk about healthy eating and the Canada Food Guide
  • Grade 6 Minecraft club at lunch


  • Grade 5 Minecraft club at lunch


  • Grade 6 Minecraft club at lunch

Did you know?

Mme Smith and Mme Toffa’s students created Christmas cards to send to people at central office on behalf of our staff and students.  Mme Boswell’s leadership students will be writing and delivering Christmas cards to our neighbors who live around our school this coming week.  What fantastic ways for our students to reach out to people in our community and to thank people at central office for all of the support they give us on a daily basis:)

Front Driveway

It is incredibly dangerous to turn around on the driveway while there are buses.  We have noticed some people are continuing to pull into the driveway when the buses are here and then are turning around to leave.  The driveway is ONE WAY and it is very dangerous to back up and to turn around while there are students getting onto buses and going to cars.  The driveway is closed to cars while there are buses in the driveway.  Thank you for adhering to this and for passing this information onto to anyone who picks up or drops off your child before or after school.

Thank You!

Thank you to Mme Balsillie who has been a student teacher in Mme Gourley’s class.  Today is her last day and we wish her luck as she begins her teaching career. The students and staff will miss you!

Counsellor’s Corner

Drop-In Parenting and Caregiver group

Tuesdays starting January 15, 2019 - Strathcona County Family and Community Services is offering free drop-in group for parents and caregivers of school aged children. This free program will highlight a different topic each week including

  • Anxiety and stress
  • Boundaries and setting limits
  • Connecting with your child
  • Emotional regulation
  • Healthy relationships
  • Navigating change

Call 780-464-4044 for details and location as the Community Centre may still be closed in January)

Parent Information Sessions

Strathcona County FCS is also offering free Parent Information Sessions in the new year. These are pre-registered through or call 780-464-4044.

January 16, 2019 - Anxiety
February 13, 2019 - Stress
March 20, 2019 - Moving through Family Restructuring

Parent Council

Happy holidays from parent council! Thank you to all contributors of time and funds so far this year; it looks like we are keeping on par with our budget and look forward to continuing in supporting the school provide some great experiences to our students.

Our next parent council meeting will be Tuesday, January 15th at 6:30 pm. Minutes and agendas will be distributed by council class reps, but are also available on the school website. Please contact us at with any inquiries.

The Giving Tree

We would just like to say how proud we are that Les Petits Soleils, along with Ecole Campbelltown School, have supported a very meaningful cause - to help those less fortunate through the Giving Tree with donations to the Strathcona Christmas Bureau. It was our pleasure to offer your children leadership opportunities to serve others and learn about compassion and kindness.  Our kids did a great job helping to photocopy and count out flyers for distribution to the school population, create eye-catching posters to promote the event in the school, and work to tidy up the two Giving Tree Christmas trees daily and pack up donations into crates.

We had almost 25 crates of generous donations.  Thank you to all families for your efforts to make this service project successful.  It has been our pleasure working with your children, showing them the importance of community service projects and the joy inherent in giving to others in need.  We appreciate your continued support of our program and for your contribution to the service projects we organize!

With kind regards,
Racheal & Kathryn :)

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