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Dec. 16-22


As we finish off the first part of a fantastic school year, we thought it is important to celebrate what we’ve done so far.  Our teachers do amazing things for our students every day of the week! From being available at recesses to help students who are struggling to creating clubs where students can learn new skills to volunteering for before/after school activities, our teachers really care about your child(ren)!  Clubs help teach students leadership, teamwork, commitment, responsibility and respect which are all attitudes and behaviours that will make them successful at work when they finish school.

Here are a few of the amazing things that have happened so far this year!  

Minecraft and Robotic Clubs - M. Bérubé and M. Racem run Minecraft clubs for grade 5 and 6 every day at lunch as well as Robotics club after school on Mondays.

Grade 6 Volleyball - Mme Piper and Mme Rovensky led this club and took our students to the EIPS tournament.  Our girls’ team won silver! Look for Mme Piper and Mme Rovensky to be leading the running club for grade 4-6 in the new year.

Patrollers - Mme Bernard and Mme Lambert, along with the AMA, work with our grade 5 and 6 students, teaching them the skills they need to help our students and parents get across the road safely.

RécréAMIS - Mme Boswell and her leadership students are running this recess program to help students in various grades learn how to play games and interact with peers during recess.

Art Club - Mme Fortin and grade 6 students created the amazing artwork that was projected during the Christmas concert.  This art even caught the eye of Board Chair Boymook at the Christmas Concert!

Recycling Club - The amazing grade 4 teachers all help out with this one!  Mme Jenny, Mme Gourley, Mme Rovensky and Mme Bianchini supervise the students as they gather the juice boxes to recycle.

Knitting Club - Mme Bishop recently started this club.  There are about 30 grade 6 students who meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays at noon to knit their little heart’s out:)

In the new year, look for the following clubs/activities to start:

Social Skills Group - Mme Boswell
Yoga Club - Mme Fortin and Mme Pauline
Running Club for Grades 4-6 - Mme Piper and Mme Rovensky
Minecraft/Robotics Club - M. Berube and M. Racem
Intramurals - M. Racem and Mme Bourgoin
Speech Club - Mme Aasen
Carnaval - various teachers and the grade 6 students will lead the activities
Gardening Club - Mme Gourley

Working with you,
Mme Sauder & Mme Garneau

This week at CBN


  • Grade 6 Minecraft club at lunch
  • Gr. 6 computer club after school
  • Ardrossan Band performing for students in the gym @9:40 am


  • Grade 5 Minecraft club at lunch
  • Kindergarten Group B Christmas Concert @1:00 pm in the gym
  • Grade 6 knitting club at lunch


  • Grade 6 Minecraft club at lunch
  • Kindergarten Group A Christmas Concert @1:00 pm in the gym
  • Les Petits Soleils Preschool Christmas Concert in school gym @6:30 pm


  • Grade 6 students will be singing at the Cloverbar Lodge @10:30 am (please see notes below)
  • Grade 6 Minecraft club at lunch
  • Christmas Carolling in the gym @1:00 pm
  • Grade 6 knitting club at lunch


  • Grade 6 Minecraft club at lunch
  • Grade 5 skating field trip
  • Grade 4 field trip - Light and Optics (Laser Quest)
  • Christmas Carolling in the gym @9:00 am
  • Class Christmas parties or activities in the pm

Did you know?

Since October, our grade 6 students have been doing the morning announcements.  They are doing an amazing job! This gives them the opportunity to not only speak in French, but it allows them to practice their oral presentation skills.  We are so proud of each of student who has taken a risk by doing the announcements! Thank you to Mme Viney for her leadership in helping the students each morning.

Did you know Mme Viney is retiring after Christmas?

Dear Parents,

It was truly a privilege to have worked at Ecole Campbelltown for so long. 31 years!!  It is time now to leave my desk, replace it with a suitcase and seek new adventures – travelling!

I have known many of you for a long time.  Some of you first came as students to the school. As time passed, former students have returned as parents and former parents have now returned as grandparents.  Remember, I started very young! :)


Thank you to each and every one of you for the wonderful memories I am taking with me.  Campbelltown has been a big part of my life.

A special farewell to all the students.  I will miss you all!

Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année!
May Viney

Grade 6 visit to Cloverbar Lodge

One of the things the parents would like is for our students to have opportunities to sing/visit seniors’ homes in the community.  The grade 6’s are going to sing at Cloverbar Lodge on Thursday, Dec. 20. There are some important things to remember for this field trip.  First, the health of the seniors is our first priority so students who aren’t feeling well or who may be getting sick will be required to stay at the school.  Please also note that if Mme Pickering is sick, the trip will be cancelled.

As well, the space where we will be performing at the lodge is not very large so, while we need parents to walk with us to the lodge (we need a 1 adult to 10 student ratio for any field trip), there is not a lot of room at the lodge for more parents to come and watch the students perform.  Thank you for your understanding.

Finally, in past years, our students have performed at the airport.  However, this year the airport has limited groups to 60 students and we have at least 75 students in each grade level so unfortunately, we will not be performing at the airport this year.

Grade 1

On Wednesday, December 12, four 3rd year Nursing Students from MacEwan University came and did a presentation to the Grade One students on healthy eating. The Canada Food Guide was highlighted, and emphasis was put on the four food groups, serving sizes, and which foods to choose “most often” versus “sometimes”. The presentation given to the Grade One students was in line with the Alberta Nutrition Guidelines for Children and Youth, which is what we at École Campbelltown strive to follow. The students worked through various activities, which reinforced their learning, and were asked to observe the foods served to them at home and have a discussion about this with their parents. Two links have been included for parents and children to access should they want further information on healthy eating.

Counsellor’s Corner

It Takes a Village: Parent Connector Event - January 19th (5:30-7:30pm)

The Log Cabin of Sherwood Park is hosting a parent connector event on January 19 from 5:30-7:30. This event gives parents and guardians the opportunity to connect with each other to build friendships, support networks and more.

Email for more information or to RSVP

Hot Lunch

The Hot Lunch menus for January and February 2019 are now online.

January 9, 2019 - Cafe Celeste (ORDERING CLOSES JANUARY 2, 2019)
February 6, 2019 - Purple Perogy (ORDERING CLOSES JANUARY 30, 2019)

- The January 9 menu is open only to Group B classes: KMB and KSB.
- The February 6 menu is open only to Group A classes: KMA, KSA, and KPA.

Please ensure that you place your orders before the deadlines listed above.

Parent Council

Thank you to the parents who came out to help wrap gifts for the Strathcona Christmas Bureau this past week.  It was an amazing opportunity to help others in our community.

Lost and Found

Thank you to Mme Bianchini who laid out all of our Lost and Found items.  Please encourage your child(ren) to check out the tables to see if any of their lost items are there.  Items that aren’t picked up with be donated during the Christmas break.

Merry Christmas/Joyeux Noël

On behalf of our entire staff, we wish you and your family a Merry Christmas, happy holidays and a very happy new year!  We hope you have a wonderful break, creating new memories. As a family, take some time to play some games, curl up together to watch a movie and to read some good books!  We will see you on Monday, January 7, 2019.

Joyeux Noël et une bonne année!

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