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April 14-20

It’s finally spring so we thought we’d do some “spring cleaning” and let you know about some of the things that have been happening around the school.  

In the fall, due to safety issues, we had to take down 2 of the basketball hoops as we they were coming undone from the pole and we were concerned they could fall down on top of students.  Now that the snow is gone, the hoops were reinstalled this past week! Facilities did a fantastic job and they have already been put to good use by the students!

We also did a bit of patching to the walkway just outside the front door where there were large gaps which could be a tripping hazard.  Students were quite concerned that something had “happened” due to the caution tape but we just didn’t want people to walk through the wet cement.

Sadly, one of our Mayday trees out front has advanced black rot and it cannot be saved so facilities will be taking it down on April 23.  

Over spring break, our gym lights were brought into the 21st century and the light boxes were replaced with ones that will actually come on as soon as you turn them on!  They are much brighter, use less electricity and we don’t need to wait for them to warm up.

Working with you,
Mme Sauder & Mme Garneau

This week at CBN


  • KPA field trip to Sal to the cosmetology department
  • 4C - Brainwaves presentation in the PM
  • Gr. 6 Factorio club after school


  • Gr. 1 Safety presentation in the AM
  • Grade 6 Factorio club at lunch
  • Grade 1 musical theater club
  • Gr. 6 knitting club @ noon


  • KMA & KSA field trip to Sal to the cosmetology department
  • KPA field trip to the art gallery
  • DARE Gr. 6 in AM
  • Grade 5 & 6 options


  • Gr. 6 knitting club @ noon
  • Gr. 6 Factorio club @noon
  • Young Speaker’s Invitational @ the Agora from 3:45 - 8:00 PM


  • Good Friday - No School

Check it Out!

A new grade 1 “Musical Theater Club” started up.  Students were practicing the song “It’s a hard knock life” from Annie.


Mme Pauline’s ECS class was showing of their excellent sentence writing skills by adding interesting words to their sentence.


Counsellor’s Corner

Self-Esteem Parent Workshop

This group looks at the importance of self-esteem in the development of children and teens. Information will be provided on what self-esteem is, why it is important, how parents and caregivers can help foster healthy self-esteem in their children and what factors may be impacting self-esteem. Along with information and discussion, parents and caregivers will also have the opportunity to participate in skill-building exercises.

WHEN: April 17, 2019 (6 p.m. - 7:30 p.m).

LOCATION: Family and Community Services

COST: Free

To register by April 15th, call 780-464-4044 or online at the Events calendar.  


Connect Parent

Connect Parent is a nine week program that provides parents/caregivers with a new perspective on relationships and adolescent development. Parents meet in small groups with two trained leaders for 90 minutes each week. This group brings together parents of pre-teens and teens to connect, support and build positive relationships with their children. A light supper is provided.

WHEN: Thursdays, starting May 2nd, 2019 to June 27th, 2019

TIME: 6 p.m. - 7:30 p.m

LOCATION: Millennium Place (2000 Premier Way) Activity Room 1

FOR: Parents, Caregivers of pre-teens to teenagers (Grades 4 to 9)

COST: Free

To Register call 780-464-4044 by April 18th.

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