Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities


Some volunteer opportunities this school year.


Parent Council Representative

Attend monthly parent council meetings.

Email meeting agendas and minutes to families.

(2-3 hours per month throughout the school year)


Parent Council Executive

Executive members are voted in at each AGM.

Roles vary and are described on the Executive tab.

(Average commitment is approximately 10 hours per month)


Classroom Representative

Support the teacher by organizing class events (such as holidays or celebrations).

Help the teacher find volunteers for field trips or other in-school events.

Support teacher as needed throughout the year.

(Approximately 1-4 hours per month throughout the school year)

Some potential volunteer opportunities that may return in the upcoming year:


Hot Lunch Helper

Organize and distribute lunches to one class.

(1 hour, once per month on early dismissal days, Sports Day (June) and Carnaval (February))


Farm to School

Assist with bundling and distributing vegetable bundles.

(2-6 hours, once per year at the end of September/beginning of October)


Épluchette de Blé d’Inde

Dye corn and distribute to students.
Help with activities, set-up and clean up.

(1 school day per year in September)



Prepare pledge and prize packages.

Tally minutes students have recorded and help determine winners.

(2-10 hours; coincides with Read In Week, first week in October)


Halloween Family Dance

Take donations at dance entry.

Run concession.

Be the DJ! (Clean music only)

(1-4 hours; Friday before Halloween each year)


Christmas Fundraiser & Draw

Sell a holiday treat (pencils or candy canes) to students.

Help students enter a draw for VIP seating at the Christmas concert

(1 hour time blocks at lunch; sales occur the week before the concert in December)


Christmas Concert

Transport musical instruments or props to and from the concert venue to the school in the morning and evening of the concert.

Act as an usher for seating at the concert venue.

(1-5 hours, once per school year in December)


Christmas Hampers

Work at Strathcona Christmas Bureau to package hampers and wrap gifts.

(1 evening (3 hours) per year in December; students over 10 can participate with an accompanying adult)



Help run stations.

Assist with hot lunch.

(1 school day per year in February)



Prepare pledge and prize packages.

Tally grades and identify winners.

(2-10 hours once per year; coincides with Pi Day (March 14))


Sports Day

Oversee sports stations.

Help with setting/cleaning up stations.

Assist with hot lunch.

(0.5-1 school day per year in June)