Introducing Your École Campbelltown School Council Executive

The École Campbelltown School Council Executive is a volunteer committee whose mission is to foster the well being and effectiveness of the school community and thereby enhance student learning.  The council raises funds, and determines how those funds will be spent, to encourage fun and learning for all the students.

Studies have shown the benefits of parental involvement in education, which include:  higher student achievement, better student attendance, more positive student attitudes and behaviours, and higher student graduation rates.

Please contact members of the executive council to find out how you can become involved in making your school the best place it can be for your children.

                                   2021-2022 Executive Members

Chair : Curtis Christopher

Vice Chair: Shaheen Alarakhia

Treasurer: Hayes Beatty 

Secretary: Tasha Steen

The executive can be contacted with any concerns or comments that you have through our ECSC e-mail in the contact area of this website.  Please choose ECSC as your email destination and someone will reply to you as soon as possible.

ECSC Executive Duties

What are the duties of the executive members? Please check out the attachment below to see the approved duties of your ECSC executive!

ECSC Executive Duties 08-09