Ecole Campbelltown Parent Liaison Association (ECPLA)

The Ecole Campbelltown Parent Liaison Association has been incorporated since September 26, 1985.  The goal of this not-for-profit group is to contribute to the school community in ways that improve and enrich the educational experience of our children. We also seek to assist the staff of Ecole Campbelltown School with contributions to their classrooms and an increase in the educational opportunities that the school can offer.   

The ECPLA holds meetings approximately 5 times per year, immediately following the ECSC meetings.  The majority of the budgetary planning, considerations and decisions for the year are made at the first meeting of the school year.  School specific requests are taken into consideration for funding based on projected fundraising amounts for the year. 

The ECPLA strongly supports the Ecole Campbelltown focus on French Language and Culture.  Examples of projects/events that the ECPLA have funded or contributed to include:  Épluchette de Blé d'Inde (corn pull), Unitheatre for all students, Carnaval, CineMAGINE for grades 4-6 students, read-in week, Grade 6 French camp, symphony attendance (Grade Twos and Fives), and the Christmas concert venue rental and bussing.  Other contributions to projects that focus on educational advantages and physical education include increasing technology within the school (SMARTboards, laptops, Chromebooks, iPpad), levelled readers, class room allotments and a physical education workshop in French.  

We know we have an excellent school and staff that are doing their best for our children.  These opportunities make a great school even better and would not have been made possible with the current provincial education budgets.

ECSC & ECPLA Bylaws (Accepted Nov. 8, 2016)