Upcoming presentations and groups

Class Presentations

Introducing the School Counsellor

As the new school year rolls around, I always look forward to popping by each classroom to welcome back returning students and to meet new students. 

During the first few weeks of September, I will be visiting each classroom to talk about all the ways that I can help support the students in their academic, social and emotional success. During the class discussion, I also talk about the rules that I must follow as a school counsellor and what to expect if they come and visit with me. 

Please check out the Introducing the School Counsellor handout for more information on what we discussed during this presentation. 


Rules to Fidget Tools

In September, students are busy learning routines and classroom expectations. This year, I have worked with some of the Grade 2 and 5 classes to establish routines and expectations around the use of Fidget tools in the classroom. Please refer to the handout for further information.

Group Counselling

Groups are organized throughout the year, to help support students that require extra support. Group counselling is a great way to for students who are having similar difficulties to share their problems, solutions and strategies. It is often reassuring to know that they are not alone and that other students have similar problems. 

Here are some of the groups that we are currently offering.


New Student Group

This group is designed to help new students adjust to their new school and make friends. New students and a buddy will be invited to attend three sessions.