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Mme Shelley Boswell


Phone: 780-467-5143

Social and emotional wellbeing is essential to your child's academic success. It is my goal that each child reaches their full potential. It is my belief that a team approach involving students, parents, guardians, administration, counsellor, teachers and the community is the more effective way of reaching this goal. I feel very blessed to work in a school community where we all work together to reach this goal. 

With a Master's in School Counselling from the University of Alberta and a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Alberta Campus St. Jean, I have been counselling at Campbelltown for the last 3 years. Prior to counselling, I was a French Immersion Elementary teacher in Elk Island Public Schools. 

I take pride in delivering a Comprehensive School Counselling Program and Campbelltown. My role often involves classroom presentations, group counselling and brief-solution focused one-on-one counselling. I also frequently collaborate with parents and teachers to create ISPs, coordinate specialized assessments and provide information on community referrals. 

Your support and cooperation can make your child's school year a rewarding experience. It is my hope that parents and students feel free to use the school counselling services provided. If you have any questions or concerns about the services that I offer, please refer to Counsellor's Corner in the drop-down menu or do not hesitate to contact me at 780-467-5143 or by email at